Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Accessing a PDF Printer Driver from a Bluetooth enabled device.

I have mounts of messages that i can't forget saved in my mobile phone. Luckily it has a software where I can print it to printer which has bluetooth facility. But the problem in my case is, I don't have such a printer and also I'm quite sure even if I access such a printer, it would consume a lot of pages (i have 700+ messages :P) for each message.
So i began to search if there are tools to be able to print it directly toa PDF printer driver. Unfortunately the Bluetooth software I have doesn't support it. I even tried to map the PDF Printer driver interface to the Port of the Bluetooh device through that tool, it didn't work. So this lead me to the idea of creating a custom bluetooth interface to access the PDF driver from my phone.
I'm currently working on it, and doing it on C#. Hope I succeed..

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