Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Facebook: A real menace

I had been using Facebook since the end of 2008, and have been using it in the mid of 2009 at its peak, with all the games in it. Silently they were also eating my time as well. I was really addicted to see the recent robberies and attack taking place in the Mafia Wars game, take turns in Scrabble and eager to update my status for no reason. I just couldn't find a breakthrough in my life to not feel addicted.
the EDMD or "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" Facebook page on May 21, 2010 that brought in storms of condemnation from all parts of the Muslim world permitted me to think of quitting Facebook for the sake of religion. Eventually I did so.

Although I have set up a profile on a muslim alternative called, it still hasn't attracted me well...But I think I feel now a bit more comfortable than I was before, with more things to think of in my life than Facebook.