Friday, January 23, 2009

Abortion: waste of Life

An open letter to the newly Elect US president. The original post can be found at:

Dear Mr. President,

            Abortion is murder-plain and simple. In an abortion individuals terminate their pregnancy killing the baby. A baby, no matter how young, has a heart; therefore. the doctors performing these procedures are stopping a heart from beating, a child from living, and a life from being lived. Abortion should only be performed in extreme cases as decided by a court, judge, or certified doctor. Nonetheless, some people are having abortion performed as birth control and it's not.

            Every year in America 1.37 million murders are committed. These murders all happen inside the womb. When doctors perform an abortion, they are killing a baby. The court systems give murderers 25 years to life, so why do we let the doctors get away without any consequences? Some believe the baby isn’t alive, but yet it has a heart; anything that has a beating heart is alive. There is absolutely no reason why some of these babies can’t be carried through full term and adopted. A life of adoption with loving parents and a  nice home is better than no life at all.

            Abortion should not be a choice left up to the public. Only under very extreme circumstances should an abortion ever performed and abortion shouldNOT just be a choice that anyone gets to be able to make. What if some irresponsible teenagers or drug dealers are wasting lives getting abortions? Why do we let them if they are ruining their lives anyway? The only people who should get the choice are the women who will die if the baby is born due to a terminal illness or the women who will pass on a disease that no human should have to suffer. The women who fear for their health or lives, and the terminally ill pregnant women should also have the option to abort. This choice, however, should not be taken lightly and should be discussed and recommended by a doctor.

            Unfortunately, women are having abortions because they purely don’t want the baby. Abortion is not a birth control method. In fact, abortions have an excruciatingly painful list of side effects including impacted grieving, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and self-destructive tendencies that no one who is sane should suffer through. If a woman really doesn’t want her baby, then she can ask for an emergency birth control pill. These pills don’t abort the baby; they stop the egg from being fertilized, meaning simply that no heart is stopped. Overall, the side effects of an abortion aren’t worth the loss of a life ,and there are other options. Thus, people need to think more about what they are doing.

            I realize abortions are a touchy subject to discuss, but someone has to do something. Mr. President, you should have health clinics that openly carry these emergency birth control pills and pass a law that only those in need of an abortion should get one. Without these alternative methods, like emergency birth control pills, that we keep inventing  people will resort to “back alley” abortions and hurt themselves and the babies inside of them. Therefore, Mr. President, you have to do something about the 1.37 million American babies that are killed each year.




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