Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Human Factor-A major challenge

We see many sorts of people around us daily. Each person is of some kind by nature. Project managers in the industries face the problem of co-operating with employees as a big challenge. A slight slippage of a word could cause severe problems in an industry. It would lead to the degradation of the pride of the company too. The following may be the cause of conflicts in an organization:
· Less encouragement of employees
· Trying to show something done by sole contribution of a single person or showing self pride.
· Being dishonest
· Not punctual
· Laziness
· Jealous of one`s work or performance, vengeance
· Not considering the profession as an ethical responsibility
· Working just for money, without considering other factors (environment, co-employees, his/her company)
· Negligence of responsibility

There could be more factors, but above were a few that clashed my mind. I could point out a small example for jealousy. Recently a friend of mine was discussing problems at his office. Before he assumed duties at office, things were quite slow. A lot of projects were in pending. Actually it is a regional office, and it was frequently being criticized for inadequate management by the head office.
After my friend assumed duties as district coordinator of the office, things were changing dramatically. Projects scheduled for longer periods by earlier coordinators were done within months by him. Budgets were reduced, unnecessary expenditures were controlled, which lead to discovering the corruption of earlier coordinators and existing management. The head office was amazed to see his performance, and congratulated him of his achievement. This created a sense of vengeance among existing members. So they started working against him to create a bad image about him to the upper management. Luckily those people succeeded. As a result my friend’s salary of two months was frozen. He concludes his sorrow discussion with a determination to face the challenge. I appreciated his move.

The moral I learnt was, god has purposely created people with different qualities and characteristics. A person, who has the ability to read other peoples’ minds with reducing conflicts, facing all sorts of challenges, is the successful one I would see. A quote by Howard Newton regularly flashing in my mind is worth to note:

“People forget how fast you did a job, but they always remember how well you did it”

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